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Dear Human Resources Manager:

I have enclosed my resume in regarding to the Nurse Recruiter position posted on In May of this year, I will be graduating from Columbia University School of Social Work with a Master of Science degree with a concentration in Social Enterprise Administration. As a Social Enterprise Administration student, I have taken courses in Human Resource Management, Supervision and Staff Development. This knowledge coupled with my professional recruiting experience would enable me to excel as part of your recruiting team.

Throughout my graduate studies and professional career, I have advertised, marketed and recruited for social services programs. In previous positions, I collaborated with school administration and assigned liaison(s) to recruit participation and marketed an employment program to develop jobs for youth in both public agencies and non-profit organizations for New York City. I have also developed marketing materials and presented the Addiction Prevention Initiative to education, healthcare, housing, legal institutions and community residents in order to both recruit clients and foster/develop resources for the program. More recently, during my leadership of a healthy living committee, comprised of managers, I recruited workshop facilitators and developed marketing materials to promote Healthy Living Week to over 300 consumers. I am committed to improving the healthcare services available to families, youth, and children and believe that accomplishing this goal depends on developing a strong and compassionate healthcare workforce.

I am eager to contribute to your mission of connecting top quality providers to clients in need and am confident in my abilities to identify and recruit strong candidates for your nursing staff. I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss the position and how my experiences and educational achievements could benefit your organization. I can be contacted at 212-555-5555 or Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jody Jobseeker


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