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by Anonymous

Dear Admired,

Let me see your face at least once a day. Don't take this pleasure away from me. Even I get confused when you pass by me and give me a glance! However, I wait the whole day just to see you. You are the view which quenches the thirst of my eyes. My respect for you in my heart is growing each day and now it's like big mountain, and it's becoming difficult to face you.

I am making no expectations from you because I am not waiting for anything in return, all I want is just let me see your face at least once a day!

It is becoming difficult for me and many times I don't want to see you because this inspires me a lot and makes me more attracted towards you, and I don't want such feelings to grow anymore, but in the end I'd like to say let me see your face at least once a day!

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