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Letter #1:

XYZ agency has a work environment which promotes diversity, embraces change, and provides leadership opportunities to every team member. We are on a fast track within the addictions field and are seeking highly skilled professionals to take us even further.

So if you are looking to make a move and are a highly motivated professional who welcomes new challenges, take a look at XYZ agency... We have your next GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Contact us at (phone, fax, and e-mail).

Letter #2:

The position of Certified Addiction Counselor will become vacant on November 29. Sally Johnson, the current counselor, has accepted a similar position in Wisconsin.

We want to fill this position internally, if possible. Previous experience and certification is a must. The deadline for applications is November 15.

Please submit a standard application with your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in this position. If you have further questions, call Sally Johnson at extension 5555.

Letter #3:

The retirement of Jane Hill means that effective October 15, we are seeking to fill the position of Clinical Supervisor at XYZ agency.

Applicants must have at least two years direct client experience. Qualified persons wishing to be considered for this position must submit an application, including a resume and cover letter, to the personnel office by September 30.

The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for twelve staff members as well as a host of administrative duties. For more specific responsibilities, please contact Sally in personnel.

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