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1. It's a tool by which you can take best of your qualifications and skills and make them very exiting and specific to the potential employer.

2. It's the chance to tell the prospective employer why you are the best candidate for this job position.

3. Normally cover letters are used to introduce yourself and your resume to a potential employer. You should highlight your key points while writing a cover letter. It's an brief idea about your job field, experience skills and abilities you have.

4. Many times a large number of applicants lie when applying for the job position.

5. So, employers examines cover letter and resume carefully, and asks the noted /pointed questions to the interview -comers.

6. If you do lie, it's not worth it.

7. The goal of the cover letter is to give an overview of yourself to the prospective employer and to introduce your key points.

8. You must try for generating an employer's interest in you and making positive impression about you and your resume, so they will come to know how your skills are valuable to them.

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