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Dear Mr. Mark,

Sub- Cancellation of your application for the Assistant Manager.

I with this letter would like to inform you that your application for the post Assistant Manager in our company has been rejected. You had made application for the post in the month of May 2011.

There are various reasons for the cancellation of application. The major reason of cancellation of the application is your age you are over age than the age of candidate with need. Second thing you have not done MBA, we are looking for such person who has done MBA in Administration. Third thing is your experience you only have experience of two years and we are looking for persons with the experience of minimum five years.

I hope that you would be content with the reasons provided for the cancellation of your application. I wish you all the best for you job search. We would make you contact if we have vacancy for such job which perfectly suits your profile.

Thank you for your application.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Steven Williamson

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