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December 2, 2000

{title} {first name} {last name}
{job title}
{name of company}
{street address}
{city}, {state abbr.}  {zip code}

Dear {title} {last name}:

I would like to invite {name of company} to consider making a financial contribution to {name of organization}, {description}.

{Name of organization} has been part of the ________________ community since ______. Our mission is to {describe purpose of organization}.

Only {___} percent of our operating budget is covered by federal funds. The remaining expenses are funded through the generous financial contributions of individuals and businesses.

We publish a {monthly} newsletter that is circulated to {________} of {organization}. Names of donors are published in each issue.

I hope you will consider {name of organization} when making your year-end financial contributions to local organizations. If you would like additional information, please give me a call at ___________.



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