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Tyler Hart

723 South Beston St.

Indianapolis, IN 46021

(521) 555 - 0237                                    



A challenging position as a marketing and sales director with an opportunity for challenge and personal growth.



Directed and coordinated the successful launch of several key product lines in the competitive high-tech industry where quick movement from conceptual stages to market is essential.


Marketing Sales Director, 1995 - Present                   Intel, Indianapolis, IN

Coordinated marketing and sales efforts as well as overseeing development of new products.  Lead a team of ten associates in developing and marketing several new product lines.  Designed a streamlined version of the antiquated customer feedback survey.  Spearheaded successful product launches, resulting in added revenue of more than $5M in just twelve months.  


Sales Manager, 1990 - 1995                                       Data Tech, Columbus, OH


Directed sales and marketing operations within the high-tech sector.  Responsible for conducting thorough analysis of consumer survey data and devising successful marketing strategies based on survey results.



B.A., Marketing, 1990                           Ohio State University, Columbus, OH



Available upon request.

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