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{Date, ex. Friday, Mar 03, 2007}

{Name, Company & Address, ex.
Mark Myer
5678 3rd St.
Suite 678
AAA city, BBB state 85245}

Dear {NAME, ex. Mark Myer},

I have been following your firm for the past {DURATION, ex. four years}. {MAKE STATEMENT WHICH INDICATES YOU HAVE TAKEN THE EFFORT TO LEARN ABOUT THE FIRM, ex. I am convinced that the proliferation of automated compressor manufacturing facilities in the eastern United States , in conjunction with your new compressor technology, has the potential to place ABCD Inc. in forefront of its industry.}

I believe I have the ability to favorably affect your company's bottom line.

Allow me to introduce myself, {NAME, ex. George Butter}. {RELATE HOW THE HIGHLIGHTS OF YOUR RESUME CAN BENEFIT THE FIRM, ex. Having had seven years of experience in sales and marketing of manufacturing supplies, I am confident my network of contacts in the field will be of great value to your firm. During my previous work experience, I have had close relations with several major manufacturers, which could be potential customers of your products. Accordingly, I am certain that I can increase your customer base.}

Since I understand that you are very busy, I have taken the liberty of including my resume with this letter. If we have an opportunity to speak with each other, I can better enumerate how I can be of service to your firm.

Please contact me at XXX-XXXX if I can serve you in any way.

{Your name}

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