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What to include in your resume

Depending on your background and the job desired your resume should include:

1. A heading
Include your:
- Full name
- Complete address
(including permanent address and present address if you are a college student)
- Home telephone number
(work number too, if appropriate to contact there).

2. A job objective
If you include a job objective, avoid being vague, but donit be too specific that you eliminate yourself from other closely related positions.


A challenging position that uses my education and creativity

A position as a writer in a public relations department or advertising firm.

By preparing more than one resume, you can tailor your objective to particular job openings.

3. Education/training
This section may contain:
- Names and locations of schools or programs
- Dates of attendance
- Degrees, certificates or licenses awarded
- Major
- Grade point average 3.0 or above
- Coursework related to the job you want
- Honors, awards, scholarships or elective offices.

4. Work experience
This can include any full or part-time, seasonal, or volunteer work. For each, provide:
- Names of employers
- Dates of employment
- Duties
- Major accomplishments

Leave out experiences that is more than 10-15 years old unless it relates to the job you seek.

5. Activities/ special skills
You may want to mention:
- Interests and activities that demonstrate job related skills (leadership, organizational,etc)
- Personal accomplishments (for example, "Worked to finance 70% of college education.")
- Special abilities, such as computer skills, knowledge of a foreign language.

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