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210 West 23d Street # 12-C
New York, NY 10025
April 4,2002

Ms. Jane Jones
U.S. Department of Justice Personal Office
P.O. Box 22222
Washington, D.C. 22000-2203

Dear Ms. Jones:

Professor Brown of the Economics Department at the Borough of Manhattan Community College suggested I contact you regarding the "Outstanding Scholars Program." I understand that I may qualify for a Program Analyst position. Your feedback on my qualifications and application materials would be greatly appreciated.

Please note in my resume my federal government work experience in the Special Clerical Program, as a Top Secret Security Clearance Agent. My qualifications include, strong analytical and writing skills, ability to learn quickly, and strong computer knowledge and significant experience. Since I will graduate in August, I am eager to begin my job search process.
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and gain from your advice. I can be reached at (212) 222-0099. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Leah Kaufmann

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