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Ms. Ann Smith
Vice President, Marketing
Wiggetts, Inc.
123 Grand Avenue
New York, NY 10019  

Dear Ms. Smith:

The opening paragraph should arouse the interest of the employer. State why you are writing and give information to show your interest in this specific organization. If it is a letter of application, name the position for which you are applying and how you heard of it.  
The middle paragraphs should create a desire on the part of the employer to know more about you. Explain why you are interested in working for this employer. point out your achievements or qualifications in this field, especially those that meet the job description or requirements.  
Refer the reader to your general qualifications on your enclosed resume. Highlight important points from your resume. Also highlight points that will be of particular interest to this specific organization.

The closing paragraph should pave the way for the interview by asking for an appointment, or by offering to call the employer in the near future, or by some familiar suggestions to facilitate an immediate and favorable reply.


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Karen E. Jones

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